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About Us


Although a small family business, Eternally Yours is a passion in the making.

I am committed to importing bridal and evening gowns that will make you feel every way you deserve to – gowns that are romantic, stylish and traditional, yet affordable and reflect your individual style.

I have created a personal environment that enables my customers to trust that their own unique dream gown will be materialized.

By keeping my overheads low, I can offer better pricing without compromising on the quality of my gowns.


My dream is to become a part of your special day and to play a role in making your memories.

Your “Big Day” is my “Big Day” and I’ll get you to your event “Ravishingly Beautiful.”

For me, it is a dream to turn you into a Princess on your special day.

I’m committed to making it possible for even the most cash strapped, not have to settle for second best.

It’s your day and you must be able to look your way.



When you purchase one of our gowns, you’re not only getting a dress, you’ll become a part of the Eternally Yours family.

Eternally Yours is a place where every fantasy becomes a reality and you can bring that reality to life.

My promise to you is that you’ll receive personalized attention, excellent quality and exceptional service.